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In honor of the Chronicle Kids 25th Anniversary, we launched a #25ReasonstoRead Twitter campaign on Monday. For every tweet with the #25ReasonstoRead hashtag, we promised to donate a children’s book to a young reader in need (up to 250 books). In the last 48 hours, nearly 600 people have shared their reasons to read with us online. The passion and enthusiasm of the online book community never ceases to amaze, and we thank every one of you for sharing your love of reading with us—and helping us put books into the hands of kids!

If you missed our blog post, here’s the list that kicked it all off:

25 Reasons to Read

1. To escape
2. To time travel
3. To exercise my imagination
4. To walk in someone else’s shoes
5. To learn something new
6. To get out of my head and into someone else’s
7. To learn a new word or remember an old one
8. To laugh
9. To quiet the mind
10. To dream awake
11. To find just the right words to say how you feel
12. To discover the world without leaving home
13. To not stare at a screen for 30 freaking minutes
14. To bring back memories and remind me of parts of myself I’d forgotten
15. To meet new people without having to actually get dressed
16. To get inspired and motivated
17. For the wonder and delight it brings to children
18. Because no one understands me quite like Jane Austen
19. So I can point out all the things they got wrong in the movie
20. To hear my own story in someone else’s words
21. To broaden my horizons and get a new perspective
22. To introduce my children to magic
23. “To find life, in all its possibilities.” —Claire Messud
24. To feel less alone
25. Because you never meet men like Mr. Darcy at the bar

So, why do you love to read?

Visit the Chronicle Kids 25th Anniversary website for author interviews, online excerpts, giveaways, and more. 


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